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Dr Wang's patents

Wang Vision 3D Cataract and LASIK Center

Dr Wang has 8 inventions and U.S. patents for new biotechnologies:

1. LASERACT: phaco-free all-laser cataract surgery, U.S. patent in filing, 2012.

2. Phacoplasty, U.S. patent filed, 2011.

3. Biochemical contact lens for photoablated corneal tissue, U.S. Patent Serial No 5,932,205 (click here)

4. Biochemical contact lens for injured corneal tissue, U.S. Patent Serial No 6,143,315 (click here).

5. Adaptive infrared retinoscopic device for detecting ocular aberrations, U.S. Utility Patent Application Serial No. 11/642,226                                            

6. Digital eye bank for virtual clinical trials, U.S. Utility Patent Application Serial No. 11/585,522, click here to see a pdf copy.

7. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for non-healing corneal ulcer, U.S. patent filed with Vanderbilt University, 1999.

8. A whole-genome method of assaying in vivo DNA-protein interaction and gene-expression regulation, U.S. patent filed with Harvard University, 1993.


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