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Smart Eye Surgery Debut in Tennessee

Dr. Ming Wang became the first cataract surgeon in Tennessee to adopt a revolutionary “smart eye surgery” technology designed to improve cataract surgery outcomes

Smart Eye Surgery – TN’s first

Dr. Ming Wang became the first cataract surgeon in Tennessee to adopt a revolutionary “smart eye surgery” technology designed to improve cataract surgery outcome. Mr. Charlie Daniels, a legendary country music star, became one of the first in the state to receive this new technology, and since then, the procedure has now been called “Charlie Daniels Procedure”.

Smart eye surgery is a breakthrough intraoperative wavefront technology. Dr. Wang uses the state-of-the-art technology to “test drive” the implanted lens to determine if it is the best lens for you, and do adjustments if needed, while you are on the operating table, before the surgery is finished!

Smart eye surgery technology can be used for

1. 3D FOREVER YOUNG™ lens surgery (age 45+)

2. 3D laser cataract surgery (age 60+)

Dr Ming Wang

Dr. Wang describes the four 3D laser vision surgeries:
3D SMILE and 3D LASIK (18+)
3D Implantable Contact Lens (21+)
3D 3D Forever Young ™ Lens (45+)
3D Laser Cataract Surgery (60+)

TN Health & Wellness article: Charlie Daniels procedure

Charlie Daniels

Ch 4 WSMV/NBC report: Charlie Daniels 1 yr after his smart eye surgery

Chalie Daniels Smart eye surgery

Ch 2/WKRN/ABC: Charlie Daniels one year after his smart eye surgery

smart eye surgery

The science of Orange smart eye surgery  – Ch 4 reporting on Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels

Ch 4/NBC evening news about how Charlie Daniels is doing after his historical smart eye surgery

Charlie Daniels - Smart eye surgery

News Channel 2 Charlie Daniels Smart Cataract Surgery with Dr Ming Ming Wang, click here...

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Charlie Daniels

News Channel 4 Charlie Daniels Smart Cataract Surgery with Dr Ming Wang, click here...

To read more about this story, click here...

(Nashville, TN, USA) Dr. Ming Wang, MD, PhD, of Wang Vision 3D Cataract & LASIK Center in Nashville, TN, became the first cataract surgeon in the state to introduce the OptiWave™ Refractive Analysis, ORASystem™, a revolutionary surgical technology designed to improve the outcomes of cataract surgery and performed the state’s first cataract surgery using the ORA “smart eye surgery” technology.

Dr Ming Wang, Smart eye Surgery
Dr Ming Wang performing TN first ORA smart eye surgery

The testimonies from the first group of patients in Tennessee who received this revolutionary smart eye surgery appear at the end of this article.

The ORA System is the world’s first intraoperative wavefront aberrometer that provides real time measurements of the eye during cataract surgery. Prior to this technology, surgeons have had to wait weeks or even months after surgery to determine the accuracy of the procedure performed. Now, the surgeon can instantly analyze the result and make real time adjustments while the patient is on the table, and customize the procedure to each patient’s eye.

ORA system
The ORA system

Dr. Ming Wang is a Harvard and MIT graduate (MD, magna cum laude) and Clinical Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Tennessee. He has introduced many new eye surgery technologies to the state including bladeless all-laser LASIK and LASER cataract surgery.

“Wang Vision is delighted to be the first in the state to offer this revolutionary cataract surgery technology to patients,” says Dr. Ming Wang. “Just like a smart bomb which can constantly adjust its own flight path depending on the weather conditions or terrain, the ORA technology offers surgeons the unprecedented ability to examine and adjust surgical procedures, including the power of the intraocular lens implanted and the amount of residual untreatedastigmatism, during surgery in real time. So in that sense, this is indeed a ‘smart surgery’ concept,” Dr. Wang explains.

The ORA System directs a beam of low intensity laser light into the eye. The light reflects off the patient’s retina and sensors analyze the reflected wave of light exiting the eye. This real time analysis measures all of the eye’sunique optical characteristics and provides an accurate measurement of the eye’s focusing capabilities.

“With the revolutionary ORA System, a cataract surgeon can now, for the first time, individualize and customize the treatment based on the state of the patient’s eye once the cataract has been removed.”

“This unprecedented ability to adjust the surgical course mid-flight allows us to hit our treatment target much more accurately. The ORA technology will bring an exceptional level of precision and accuracy to our cataract surgery and improve the visual outcome in our patients,” Dr. Wang concluded.

For more information about Tennessee’s first ORA “smart eye surgery” system and Dr. Ming Wang, contact Dr. Wang at Wang Vision 3D Cataract & LASIK Center, 1801 West End Ave, Ste 1150, Nashville, TN, 37203, 615-321-8881(Tel), 615-321-8874(Fax),

George Ross: Mr. Ross was one of the first patients in Tennessee to have the smart eye surgery. He had cataract surgery in 1997 on his first eye (right eye) with significant complications and lost a significant amount of his sight. He came to see Dr. Wang in 2009 for a second opinion consultation. Wang Vision is an international referral center for post-LASIK and cataract surgery complications. Dr. Wang sutured an intraocular lens into Mr. Ross’s right eye and his sight improved. Due to the complications in his right eye, Mr. Ross was very nervous and apprehensive about having cataract surgery in his second eye (left eye). However, he had suffered significant sight loss in his left eye due to a cataract for the past fifteen years. After a careful discussion of risks, Dr. Wang performed LASER cataract surgery with ORA smart eye surgery technology on March 13, 2012 and achieved remarkable success. Mr. Ross described his experience of being one of the first patients in Tennessee to have the smart eye surgery in this way: “I used to drop smart bombs as I was in the U.S. military and I know how it works! We had optically guided and laser guided smart bombs. They hit the targets every time! We called them ‘Shrams drams.’” Mr. Ross was thrilled with his new vision after having the ORA smart surgery technology-guided LASER cataract surgery and he has regained full sight in his left eye. “I can now see everything!” he exclaimed.

Dianne Lester: Ms. Lester is a 69-year-old patient who had LASIK nearly a decade ago. Due to her previous LASIK, Dr. Wang told her that her intraocular lens calculation would be more inaccurate and hence cataract surgery would be more challenging. During her LASER cataract surgery, Dr. Wang used the ORA intraoperative wavefront aberrometer and assessed, “mid-flight,” Ms. Lester’s eye anatomy and the suitability of her eye for the intendedintraocular lens implantation. Dr. Wang found that her intraocular lens power was indeed off by as much as 2 diopters. If the ORA smart surgery technology had not been available, the initially planned lens would have been implanted and Ms. Lester’s eyesight would be off after surgery, which would then necessitate subsequent surgeries and additional risks. However, with the smart surgery technology, Dr. Wang was able to check the patient’s actual anatomy and implant an intraocular lens that he customized and individualized to the patient based on the actual eye anatomy in real time during surgery. At the postoperative day one visit, Ms. Lester was very happy with her new vision and seeing nearly perfect!

Janice Nokes: Ms. Nokes is a 66-year-old patient who had a bad experience with cataract surgery in her first eye (left eye) in May of 2011, which resulted in compromised vision due to surgical complications. She subsequently saw “seven doctors, and none of them could help me.” She came to Dr. Wang in 2011 as her last hope of being able to see again. Dr. Wang performed a laser procedure for her left eye and improved her sight. Ms. Nokes was very nervous to have her right eye done due to the previous complication in her left eye by another surgeon, and the fact that she has floppy iris syndrome and a very small pupil. Dr. Wang extensively discussed her risks of having surgery in her right eye, and Ms. Nokes underwent LASER cataract surgery with ORA intraoperative wavefront measurement, the smart eye surgery, which was successful. When asked of her experience regarding having complications in the first eye elsewhere, having a difficult medical condition, and now being one of the first patients in Tennessee to have the smart eye surgery with improved sight, Ms. Nokes said that she is very “grateful to the doctors and staff and to God for the blessing.” She was particularly impressed about the fact that Dr. Wang called her the night of surgery (“My first surgeon never called me, even though I had a big complication with the first surgery”). Ms. Nokeswas pleased with the care and with the wonderful new smart eye surgery technology, which gave her wonderful new eyesight!


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