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Testimonial from a Cataract patient

Wang Vision 3D Cataract and LASIK Center, Nashville, Tennessee


I wanted to give you guys an update on the latest and greatest news and
miracle that has come through in the past week.

I think I actually neglected letting you guys know that I went in for an eye
procedure performed on me by Dr. Ming Wang.

As you all know I have an eye disease called RP.  It is a retinal disease
that is degenerative and typically ends up causing complete blindness.

I have approximately 8 % vision left due to this disease.  My right eye is
the weaker eye, while my left eye is dominant and see much better than the

I was examined 8 months back by Dr. Wang.  He realized that I had developed
cataracts  on each of the lenses of my eyes.  It is a 'RP' disease related
cataract and develops as a oil drop like substance on each of the lenses.
It causes a vapor- like, foggy visual effect in the area on the lens where
it is present.  I have been experiencing a huge vision loss due to these
cataracts developing on the eye lenses.  And it took away approximately 2 %
of the vision in each eye.  When you see 8 % and 2 % is not functional it
makes a tremendous difference.  When you have perfect 20/20 vision, It is
like taking 20 % of your perfect vision away.

Dr. Wang was very patient and thorough about analyzing the condition.  We
monitored it closely over a period of 8 months.  I went back to him for a
follow-up checkup and analysis of the situation 2 weeks back.

Dr. Wang was confident that we will be able to remove the cataracts and on
top of that also correct the astigmatism that has developed in both eyes due
to the related aging factor we all face.  As we get older the lens takes on
an oval shape instead of remaining in its perfect round shape.  This causes
far or near sightedness.  Referred to as astigmatism.

This all happened very fast from there.  Mirka and I have been talking to
Sam about how to perceive the procedures.  Sam told me to just take it a
step at a time as God leads us.  I felt that I'll just leave it in God's
hand to use it as He wants to use it to his benefit.  Should I get anything
out of it, great.  I asked God to do what he needed to do with it and that
I'll be obedient as per His leading.

The option was now real it was there.  I felt that it was God saying: "Here
is another opportunity to trust me in what it is I have for you!"

I checked in Tuesday afternoon with Dr. Wang to perform the procedure.  From
checking in, to leaving the clinic it takes 4 hours.  It basically is a
procedure where the natural lens in the eye is removed and the man made
silicone lens is implanted.  After that Dr. Wang correct the astigmatism via
laser. His work only takes 20 minutes.

I was really humbled by him praying with me on the operating table right
before the procedure.  Dr. Wang is a true instrument in God's hand.  The
procedure was first performed on the weaker right eye.  The procedure was a
huge success.  I experienced no pain at all and could use my eye the next

In my check up follow-up, the improvement was evident.  Before the procedure
I could only see hand motion and outlines of objects with the right eye.
Now I could read the big 'E' on the chart against the wall. Dr. Ming Wang's
remarks were: "We asked God to lead us through this and bless the procedure.
Not only did God bless it, he gave us so much more than we expected or asked
for!"  He brought all his staff into the room to experience what it is they
are a part of.  God worked during this process as tears of joy and hope was
shedded amongst all to witness the greatness of God! Dr. Wang introduced
Mirka and myself.  We were given the opportunity to give testimony to all
present of how they are part of a team that works to implement the talents
God puts in our hands.  Through Dr. Ming Wang and his staff,  God uses them
to bring testimony and true miracles into the world of who God is.

I am experiencing the amazing results every day since then.  It is so unreal
but yet so amazing.  I went to rehearse playing drums late last week.  For
the first time in how many years, I could actually hit my ride symbol's bell
in the middle by using vision and reaching for it visually.  Every day is so
interesting experiencing this newly found vision. Being a passenger in the
car, I can now enjoy the visuals on the side of the road.  The visual gain
in this is tremendous.

But above all Know the absolute amazing grace, glory and love of God over
shadows any and everything.

I want to especially point out how thankfull I am for Mirka standing by my
side in unity with me through all of this and I want to thank God for
helping her to take care of my well being through all of these interesting
and special times.  She is a gift from God. God uses her humble and serving
spirit to honor and love me as her husband.

I will be going in this coming Tuesday to have the left eye done.

So, I am so excited to see what it is God is going to do this time around.

Again, I know God is good and His best intentions for each of us is there
for us to receive.
I receive it in full.

We hope that this is a true testimony of who God is and that all of you can
receive the special things God has for each one of you.

With a lot of Kingdom love.

Michael and Mirka Snellenburg

Dr. Wang with the support of his staff, are clearly an instrument in God’s hand. They have the best interest of the patient and their family at heart. After Dr. Wang performed cataract surgery, my vision was restored from being able to detect hand motion to where I could read the ‘E’ on the chart.

In the context of having been diagnosed with generic related RP(Retinitis Pigmentosa) this is an unthinkable accomplishment. Dr. Wang’s humbleness in which he uses his gifts is a huge test of his success. This has been an amazing experience from day 1 through receiving the procedural care.

I thank God for Dr. Wang’s talents and the work He does through Dr. Wang and his staff.




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